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Water Damage Restoration & Mold Removal Services

When your Lawrenceville, Georgia home experiences Water Damage, you need reliable help from a qualified water damage restoration or mold removal service. Water damage can quickly turn into extensive damage to your home if it is not treated quickly and properly by a certified technician.

Our experienced and certified technicians know how to properly treat your flood or leak damage. Our water restoration services will start by completely drying your home followed by a complete evaluation of the physical damage. We will also complete mold remediation services if necessary to protect the health of your home and your family.

We Offer Complete Water Damage Restoration Services

As a locally owned and operated water restoration company, we understand that the weather in Lawrenceville is very conducive to mold and algae growth. Stopping this from occurring within your home is imperative to quality restoration. You need to make sure the area is treated for mold and algae growth before the repairs are completed.

Our service will dry your home, evaluate the damage, treat for mold and algae and perform all the necessary physical repairs to bring your home or business back to the condition it was before the damage occurred. We work closely with local building inspectors and contractors to ensure that our service meets or exceeds all regulations for home repairs.

We Can Help With Prior Water Damage

There are occasions when damage from water occurs without anyone really knowing. A slow leak that does not show physical damage right away can cause odors to occur and mold to grow long before it is found. Homes or garage areas that have not been used for a long period of time may also have suffered leaks or flood damage while no one was in residence.

Our professional services can help treat this type of damage and perform complete restoration of the area. We will detect any areas where leaks may be occurring, repair the leak and associated damage, treat for mold growth and remove any odors using specialized treatments.

We Know Emergencies Can Happen At Any Time

Our water damage repair & mold removal Lawrenceville GA service is available 24/7/365. We understand that emergencies, floods, and leaks do not occur on any specific schedule. We also understand that the longer water damage goes untreated the worse the damage will be to the home. Because of this we are available at all times to help our clients in need. Even in cases when you need emergency plumbing services or plumber, we will be there.

We encourage all of our customers to call when the emergency happens instead of waiting until a more convenient time. Damage from can quickly progress into serious damage if left untreated for even a short period of time.

Our certified water damage repair specialists complete repairs safely and quickly, 24/7/365. whether you have flood, storm, ice, leak, mold or any other damage.

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